Ukraine Are The Good Putin The Evil But EU Must Use Caution and Ukraine Have Much Work To Do – Some Ukrainians Very Bad People Who Many Countries Are Sending Back To Ukraine and Worse During The War – Not Genuine Refugees or Workers In Some Cases

Ukraine Are The Good Putin The Evil But EU Must Use Caution and Ukraine Have Much Work To Do - Some Ukrainians Very Bad People Who Many Countries Are Sending Back To Ukraine and Worse During The War - Not Genuine Refugees or Workers In Some Cases

Ukraine will have victory and their freedom in 2023.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Russian invaders will be brought to justice.

Russia will be free of that regime and will win also in the long-term down the road.

However, important for EU, Asia, States, Canada, Australia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America to realize some things.

This is on a people level and government level, too.

The people of Germany and the government of Germany brought about the tanks for Ukraine recently.

That’s how powerful the force of good is over evil. How much stronger it is. To put it lightly.

That said, some Ukrainians in countries like Sweden, Norway, Italy, Ireland, UK, France, Germany, US, Vietnam, Thailand, UAE, Switzerland, Singapore and others have being found to be not good people at all in the last year in some cases. Rich and poor. Makes no difference. How you treat the road sweeper to a President must be the same. Deserved treatment in appropriate context of time of war. Nobody better than anyone else.

It would put you off defending Ukraine and Ukrainians for a bit when you see the small number of bad ones.

Ukraine are fighting back against all this globally though. There is ways and means to do this. They are cleaning house at the moment. Ukraine will prevail. Good always defeats evil. It is seriously hammering it in 2023. To put it mildly.

Never do what they tell you if they go to these countries, tell them go to local regular ordinary people, police, or army, anyone they want otherwise. No human beings will help them if they are doing bad things in these countries. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ you have royal blood in your veins and have authority over the small number of evil people on Earth. It is easy. Thankfully, alas, way more good people than bad evil people. There really is. Good outnumbers evil by a lot. You just don’t always realize this. You don’t get to heaven for being a good person though. Or good works. You get there by belief in Jesus Christ, his grace, repentance and daily improvement in his word – and being born again in the spiritual world. God never judgmentally or hypercritically expects anyone to be perfect. No human being is or ever will be. Don’t pay attention to what a lot of some of these ‘churches’ and ‘false prophet prosperity gospel’ merchants say. You are a new being on a daily basis in this. Heaven and hell is for eternity. Heaven is your home. Not here. Heaven is what it is all about. You should never get too fond of life because when you see what is to come it is amazing. This life very short and nothing compared to forever in eternity. That’s the truth. What is also true is the small number of demonic people on this Earth that remain (that have not being cast into things like crows or pigs with their spirits so far) – who yes – really are in humans – as is being proven all the time – is this. They actually want you as a child of God to save them. Desperately. As in, badly. They know God is true and the term ‘atheist’ doesn’t really exist as they all know God is real and want God to save them. As they know Satan is losing and has already been killed. They know they are on a losing team but they really need to see the light of Jesus Christ to get away fully from that witchcraft world. As they know there is way better instead that awaits for them if they want it. That old world is now being exposed worldwide again in all industries and regular ordinary people’s walks of life due to time of war that has revealed it for humanity. They deep down actually want to be saved. As when you are saved you cannot be unsaved. You’ve won and are going to heaven. That’s it. Final. Guaranteed. If Jesus comes back in the next 50 years or so you live forever also. It really, really, really is sad that you can’t save them all. Not everyone is chose to get to go to heaven. More people in heaven in all times than hell though. Much more than you’d even think. It will surprise you. None of us can save every single one of all of the remaining people that remain on this Earth however. God has it all worked out already. If they want what we have they must come to God. Never chase nothing or no one. It is not our job. All of us as followers and servants of Jesus. That’s up to God, Jesus Christ. Who is the son of God, God and part of the trinity – the father, son and the Holy Spirit. Any follower of God – Christ Jesus – must never deny the holy spirit. All three beliefs are true. We know some dear friends who are Jehovah’s witnesses and Mormons may not like or agree with this, but Jesus is God and Jehovah. He is the beginning and the end. And the beginning again. The Alpha and the Omega. Christ, God, is also Emmanuel and Yeshua (English translation is Joshua).

Basically, we don’t discriminate against anyone, any denomination of Christianity or anyone’s beliefs. Catholics, not the Catholic church or Vatican as physical buildings necessarily as this is not mutually exclusive, not looking at the Institution side of things, Catholics who may use Catholic Churches for fellowship with other believers – but they themselves as individuals with their personal relationship with God – if that makes sense – there is many of them – surely some of the best believers in God – Jesus – worldwide though, sincerely, and genuinely.

Ultimately, across all denominations of Christianity, let people believe what they want. God is the ultimate judge. Jesus is the only way to the father and heaven though. No one can get past him to get the heaven. You have to do business with Christ to get to heaven. No way around that. That’s the main thing. He settles all debates. Judging people’s present actions right now however – never judging their morality – is perfectly okay – in times of war. Stick with the winners.

Steadfast perseverance builds character and achievement in times of trouble for the planet. Earth will ultimately emerge in all sovereign nations after Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Basically, the main thing is no one comes to the father but through the son. The only way to eternal life and heaven is Jesus Christ.

As for these Ukrainian tiny number of problem citizens, they are meant to be there as new workers or refugees not to harm all these countries and places.

This is not even speaking about the Ukrainians affiliated to President Putin’s Russia living in these nations as now uncovered spies for many years.

Happening all the time as the days go on. Russian President Putin planned this attack on the globe in many nations for decades.

In some cases being terrible people scamming the war for their benefit.

Not spending any money in these countries.

Getting there and just taking everything from their systems instead.

Then, sometimes, getting into crime.

White collar crime much worse too in the ad tech markets. Google and the Biden administration in America is really getting hammered now by countries around the world due to this. Paying brutal prices behind the scenes. On a regular ordinary people level in markets and on policy level by Statesmen in the East and the West away from America too. There is so much change happening on Earth by the hour it is hard to put into words. Much of it privately offline and not in the news that you never hear about.

Many including Google, regular people, and authorities in all these countries in Vietnam, Norway, Finland and others are all hammering this small number of bad Ukrainians. Essentially with indirect or direct ties to Russian President Putin.

In some cases vicious beatings and then sending them back to Ukraine during the war. Same goes for their soldiers and army personnel too in some of these countries. In a small number of cases only. That are not the tough guys they thought they were.

Sent back to Ukraine.

It is important to note however, for balance, this is a small number of very bad people but Ukrainians need to know about what is really going on at the moment too.

For when they do get into the EU in the years ahead this is the difference between civilized societies and Russian President Putin’s Russia.

Some more hits are due soon likely in Norway, Vietnam, Sweden, Finland and in Asia on some Ukrainians.

Rich and poor. Makes no difference. The Russia war made this war a global one now because of the tech market and migration.

It must be defeated not only on the Ukrainian battlefield but it will also be beaten in all aspects.

It already is defeated really.

It is just a matter of time before Russian President Putin’s grip on power goes.

At the age of 70-years-old.

The new world is now here already.

New types of leaders needed in sovereign countries.

The hunter must hunt and the ruler must rule.

Good has conquered evil as 2023 has already shown but more work to be done ahead.

The planet cannot be ruled by tyrants but needs strong independent sovereign nations to do so.

Globalists have clearly failed. That idea did not work for Earth.

Better days ahead for Earth down the road.

As for America, good to see the Republican party is weeding out and smashing some of their fake candidates and phony workers and some scam congressmen at the moment.

Watch how some independent candidates are going crazy too.

America and this planet on a sovereign nation basis in each country will never be totally socialism or communism.

Keep up the good work to all concerned.

You were warned about much of this by some well in advance by many.

No more warnings or help for a while. It is all happening right now.

Now you’ll have to fight on your own for a bit.

You’d be put off, have your stomach turned in truth from a tiny number of disgusting scum Ukrainians you’d meet in life sometimes. It just makes one a bit sick in truth, sadly.

To be fair, it would just put you off helping their country and nation anymore.

Sometimes after supporting people for so long and defending so many countries, you have to put yourself first for a bloomin change 😂

Nah, the show must always go on. Follow God and the rest takes care of itself.

Some real carnage in America at the moment. That’s for sure. Sad to see once the greatest country in the world is now becoming so stupid and weak they are letting China kill as many Americans as possible daily with drugs on the border from China. They will see the errors of their ways eventually.

More of the same for those in the allies!

Hit hit hit! 🙂

Keep smashing away. Even some of the media are (starting a little bit at last) doing a great job in America of this in some regards.

Hit hit hit!

Truth wins.

Light wins.

Peace wins.

Peace during ongoing war.

Victory is ours.

Amen 🙂