Maybe Alexei Navalny Good Candidate To Replace Putin In 2023

It is hard to say what will happen only God knows but in 2023 Putin and his war in Ukraine will fail.

Best to never to speculate but Russians will have to do something among themselves to rebuild Russia after Putin.

Over the next decade or so in to 2030s.

It will take that long after Putin is gone.

And all war criminals punished and brought to justice.

What next after that for good people in Russia?

Well, maybe Alexi Navalny is a good candidate.

Who opposes corruption and a well known – like many Russians – Putin critic.

He seems to have good legal knowledge and also competent in the technology space.

Maybe that is a possibility in the rebuilding of Russia long-term.

As it will be isolated due to Putin and his cohorts in 2023.

Long-term though future will be bright one day again after Putin’s forces depart Ukraine.

And are fully made pay and brought to justice in 2023.

Difficult time for Ukrainians in the war at the moment.

Keep the belief everything will come good again.

In these insane cold weather war times in Eastern Europe and in Ukraine even best to stay sane by daily jogging and simple diet.

Simple but crazily effective during the winter war.