Vladimir Putin War In Ukraine Using Some Fake Ukrainian Refugees As Spies Abusing Refugee System Hit Them In Europe Now Keep Smashing Away Until Vladimir Leaves Ukraine

Vladimir Putin War In Ukraine Using Fake Ukrainian Refugees As Spies Hit Them All In Europe Now

Any Ukrainian who claims to be Russian, supports Putin and is against the Ukraine President in anyway, must all be hit.

Hit every single one of those type of Ukrainians in Europe who are using the refugee status to propel Vladimir’s war not just on Ukraine.

But on Europe.

If they don’t like it, ship them back to Ukraine.

That’s it now. Vladimir is in a lot of trouble.

Russian nationals (only those who support Putin verbally or in anyway) in all nations must be watched extremely closely and intimidated out of their homes and battered in all countries and returned to Russia only if supporting Vladimir Putin (who will soon meet his maker).

Hit them all with maximum force. No second thoughts. This is war. You want strength. Well then. This is the only way. No easy way to do this.

As Wladimir’s grip on power comes to an end – he must be brought to justice. And those Russians and Ukrainians he is using in Europe and elsewhere must be punished. Severely.

And brought to immediate brutal justice.

No angels in war.

If Russian nationals or others living in a place 10 years or more have ties or even verbally support Putin, send them packing.

Punch in the back of the head on the way back to their country if assisting Wladimir. As Russia deserve and Russians deserve better than Vladimir Putin.

Keep smashing away.

Hit hit hit.

Weakling Vladimir is mentally folding as we all knew he would.

He is isolating his country and the SWIFT system will soon end all Russian banks.

If SWIFT cut all Russian banks from its service worldwide now it will stop Vladimir’s war on Europe, Ukraine and civilized countries of the world.

The East in particular are doing a lot now against Wladimir.