Vladimir Is Scrambling In War Now Is The Time In Russia For Forces To Advance On Him By Russians His Own People Must Continue To Burn His Oil, Warehouses, Ruble, Moscow Stock Exchange and More Advance Now

There is a great opportunity to make a move on Vladimir Putin in Russia within Russia by Russians.

Right now.

The man is in trouble.

He must be savagely dealt with.

Removed and replaced.

  • Set fire to more warehouses in Russia
  • Light up the Moscow Stock Exchange
  • Torch Russian banks across Russia light the fuse!
  • They will not help you when they fail
  • They will fail
  • Vladimir will fail
  • Amen

He is going to cause serious problems for all Russian nationals (many of whom are good people) in all nations worldwide.

Much more in the East happening now that he doesn’t know about.

Move in on him.

Hit hit hit!

Keep smashing away!

No angels in war.

Time of war is different.

Vladimir not interest in talk.

He only understands removal and replacement.