Biden Administration Asleep At The Wheel With Chinese Spy Balloon

Some of these moron Fox hosts questioning those who know best judgement are now about to see how wrong they were.

And then some. Mike Pompeo is right. Strength. If it is strength you want don’t expect it to be pretty. No angels in war. Man nor angel can help Wladimir Putin now. Nor the Communist regime of China until they cut the chord with Vladimir. God is in control now. He will do super natural things that you do not expect nor understand to supernaturally remove and replace all enemies. He has resources that you will not understand.

Biden administration asleep at the wheel and America now under attack from Chinese spies:

You were warned. No more warnings. Do what must be done:

  • Burst their balloon.
  • Liquidate all Chinese assets in America.
  • Now.
  • All Chinese nationals travelling to America and Europe stopped immediately.
  • Sanction China.
  • Take measures to remove/replace Chinese assets in Mexico getting the drugs into America.
  • Remove through bomb strikes targeted on Chinese facilities only.
  • Quick strikes that will remove the problems easily and fast.
  • Don’t hesistate again.
  • Until China cut ties with Russia all world allies will continue to degrade Putin’s Russia.
  • On its own as a nation.
  • Only way for China to rejoin the East and West is to cut ties with Vladimir Putin and support Ukraine military and/or but not limited to rebuilding support.
  • If Secretary Blinken will not be strong with China get rid of him immediately. Appoint a new head of State Department to take immediate global action on China.
  • Hit hit hit.