The Brutal End Of Wladimir Pootin’s Russian Empire In 2023 Is At Hand – He Knows It Too – Russia Will Be A Wasteland – Leave Ukraine While You Still Can – Russian Banks Won’t Exist Soon and He Won’t Be Able To Pay Russian Government Staff Shortly

The Brutal End Of Wladimir Pootin's Russian Empire In 2023 Is At Hand - He Knows It Too - Russia Will Be A Wasteland - Leave Ukraine While You Still Can

Ahead of what many expect to be a new mobilization of Putin sending maybe half a million Russians to die in Ukraine in the Spring, it is important to note some facts.

Russian invaders and Putin, and his small few cohorts in Russia and around the world, are all being cut down.

His infrastructure in Russia and in the East burned to the ground bit by bit.

And far worse stuff that you don’t hear about in the news or know about.

As a matter of fact Putin and his crumbling Russian empire are starting to see this first hand.

His oil, Russian Ruble and gas not being used to effect.

Ultimately it will be a brutal end for Putin whether tribunal or other means that he knows can easily happen to him at anytime.

And for the likes of now shunned in the East Sergey Lavrov and Maria Zakharova (both the same as Putin). Lavrov and Zakharova are not only not dealt with anymore in the West but neither in the East much.

This will only get worse for them personally. As well as Putin as time goes on. They are starting to see that now.

Their rubbish has been shut down.

A few things for those still living and working in Russia at the moment to seriously think about.

For those around you and your sake.

  • Those who renounce ties with Putin’s Russia and/or but not limited to citizenship maybe allow to still live in and remain in other nations in the world.
  • If you are working for the State in Russia soon Putin won’t have the funds to pay you anymore.
  • Nor fund Russian banks and SWIFT system means for Russian accounts to transfer money anywhere worldwide.
  • His oil and Russian ruble are not the only things that are being burned to the ground.
  • A small number of wealthy Ukrainians and Ukrainian companies linked to Putin are getting so brutally hit at the moment they can’t believe it.
  • And their bosses essentially being terrorized legally now, they never expected it.
  • Ukraine is ridding itself of Putin and his small few resources properly.
  • Private arms companies in the East that you have no idea about are beginning to out compete Russian companies which will vastly reduce demand soon for Russian production.
  • China know they will never be dealt with by the planet again until they chop off contact with Putin and his Russian empire. They can’t help you anymore. No one can.
  • All Putin’s spy network in countries globally is known now. Even if you think it isn’t. It is.
  • They are all being hunted down and are known in all countries. No matter big or small.
  • Russia is an enemy of the entire planet at this point.
  • Due to the global effect Putin’s invasion had on Earth.
  • Africa can’t help you nor poor nations in South America. They see through you.
  • Putin’s rubbish paid off media are all known now and are getting cut off.
  • All their editors named and CEO’s tracked.
  • They can’t do anything about this.
  • It is happening much faster than you think.
  • Putin’s cyber assets and bots are all more or less gone.
  • Really why working for a little children killer like Putin was bad enough he won’t be able to pay any Russian people soon.
  • You’ll see the banks crumbling and realize his media in Russia can’t defend him anymore.
  • Already they know what is about to happen in Russia is going to be so brutal that Putin’s lies cannot be sold to Russia anymore.
  • His falsehoods are coming to a brutal end.
  • Russia will be a wasteland and no man’s land.
  • Leave Ukraine now while you can, cut ties with Putin’s Russia if travelling to other countries to live there.
  • And/or but not limited to renounce Russian citizenship and this is the best hope for Russians who continue to leave their battered boss. That’s it for him. Some people want it to happen that way and there’s nothing more can be done for Putin now.
  • Hungary is the only ally of Putin in the EU under Orban. They are about to pay such a brutal consequence as a country you don’t even know nothing about. They are never going to get help from the EU again.
  • People in the middle East, governments, many though regular, ordinary people you’d never suspect – and in Asia – who you know nothing about are about to do things to end Russian weapon trade that you never saw coming.
  • Realize that this would have never happened Russia had they not attempted to genocide a neighbor country.
  • Putin’s Iran help is being hunted down. What will happen to Putin’s Russian empire will be far worse than Iran’s.
  • North Korea will not help him like you think they will. Same with Turkey.
  • This will be very different to WWII where Germans were reintegrated into societies around the world. Putin and his empire will have nowhere to hide. They will be stuck in Russia or worse.
  • America and many in the East (don’t underestimate what the East are doing quietly off the internet and away from the news that you know nothing about at the moment) are cutting down Russian weapons and logistics all the time. Demand for production of Russian arms will be very low due to private companies out competing Putin’s ones. People don’t want to buy tarnished Russian goods.
  • Or invest in Russian ties anymore in Switzerland like the Olympics, the Olympics Committee and others.
  • Ukraine will only get more support as time goes on. Putin’s Russia isolated.
  • He knows this and is seeing this first hand now.
  • Never forget the fires in Moscow and burning of warehouses randomly are nothing to what you saw of what is to come. Natural disaster will also smash Russia with an iron fist in 2023 and there are things that you don’t know about in the news that will also end Putin’s Russian empire.
  • Start thinking about a new leader for your country and this time when you realize that what has gone before in Russia cannot pay Russian government or civil service staff anymore, the only option then is to rise up against whatever remains in Russia and elect something better.
  • Nothing will grow in Russia after Putin for a long time. It is up to Russians to do something about what comes after Putin.
  • Russian forces will depart Ukraine in 2023 and the fighting maybe will go back to the borders.
  • This is all happening much faster than you think it will.
  • Much faster.
  • You won’t see a lot of this stuff coming really.
  • It’s the punches you don’t see coming that land that knockout blows.
  • There is no risk in any of this.
  • Its all to come so sit back, relax and enjoy the show of Putin’s end.
  • Long term down the road it will be of benefit to the good Russian people.
  • However, Russia as a place is going to not have anything grow there for a very long time.
  • That’s true.
  • The only risk is in supporting Putin for the tiny number that still do. In anyway.
  • Anything he touches as you are know seeing really is turning dust.
  • Literally.
  • On the economic side for Putin’s Russia, best case scenario is this.
  • Some Russian places won’t pay as much for Ukraine reparations.
  • Once Putin’s Russia invaders fully depart in 2023 then peace talks will occur.
  • Or Putin is gone.
  • Only then.
  • Furthermore, many air defense systems and more will be in place in Ukraine permanently before this.
  • To make sure they are part of Europe in the years to come and can defend themselves.
  • And to long-term make sure nothing ever like this happens on the continent of Europe or for the planet again.
  • All of Putin’s plans will have failed.
  • Amen.