Iran and Russia’s Secret Plot Against Ukraine and Europe

Iran and Russia's Secret Plot Against Ukraine and Europe

Iran have become an enemy and threat not only with their weapons in the Middle East but now in Europe.

Not only having supplied drones into Europe for Russia to use on the continent against Ukraine – but now madly plotting huge evil in Europe:

Anti air defense weapons now needed not just for Ukraine but Europe after that.

That is a significant threat to Europe.

Everyone knew Putin wanted to go into other European countries but Iran’s attack on Europe now evident.

All European nations must be genuinely vigilant against Iran.

And anything Iran (their regime) related in terms of the war.

They are declaring war on Europe with Russia with that.

Europe must be wise, calm but strong.

Those in the Middle East neutralizing the Iran threat maybe need to consider quiet strikes against Iranian drone and missile factories.

Not only to secure peace in the Middle East but Europe too.

Iran and Russia now clearly working together to create mayhem in the world.

Both in the Middle East and Europe militarily.

And globally through their other means of nefarious modern warfare.