George Foreman On Boxing Legend Who Was A Nightmare

George Foreman On Boxing Legend Who Was A Nightmare

In the wars in the boxing ring many will remember heavyweight champions. They have created some of the greatest wars in all of humanity. Where they should be only – in the boxing ring.

If Ukraine are David against Russia in Goliath in today’s times’ war – Joe Frazier while a small in heavyweight terms, quiet man – however proved to be David on many occasions.

Former heavyweight champion George Foreman said of him on Twitter:

‘Joe Frazier was a nightmare.’

Many always forget also Frazier helped Muhammad Ali when Ali was going through his years in the wilderness.

Never asked for anything nor told anyone about it. Nor looked for praise.

Frazier was an old fashioned, old school gent of the highest caliber.

Certainly a David on many occasions against Goliath in the boxing wars.

A quiet, polite, reserved man often.

However, frequently when he needed to be the man was a good fighter.


An enigma.