France May Make Big Move For Ukraine

France May Make Big Move For Ukraine

As support for Ukraine increase and Putin’s Russia is isolated in 2030 France have emerged an an unexpected big ally.

Not ruling anything out in terms of support this year:

The modern Leclerk tanks unites would really allow for agile fighting for them in Spring.

It would make a genuinely big difference.

Make the most of what they have for now and get the Leclerks.

Anything after that a plus.

France could afford to send Leclerks there. France to their credit are a great country and people.

And their President has really improved and seems to have unexpectedly garnered rare and hard to come by French unity in their nation.

When it comes to Ukraine.

They see first hand the evil of Putin’s Russia.

Keep moving forward.

Do the best with what they can later in the year.

Important Ukraine cleans up as much corruption as possible however.

For more European support.