Former Airforce Colonel On What Russia May Do In Spring 2023

Sadly and frequently depressing in an increasing fallen, dark culture in some places in the world on Earth in the West – Russia continue to occupy Ukraine – and use their war as an attack on the West indirectly in many ways. Despite clearly needing the West as they are finding out by being isolated among the world’s nations in 2023.

Using it as an attack on the West in many indirect ways and directly trying to – by force – wipe out an entire people.

Ahead of what some say is a planned Spring offensive (if it happens there will just be a lot of dead Russians sent to meet their maker) retired the former Airforce Colonel Cedric Leighton noted what they may do:

Speaking to CNN he said:

‘You have the possibility of the Russians not only coming in from the East but possibly the South.’


‘That’s what they want to do.’


‘If you go to a more detailed map of the Eastern front for example the big fighting you have around Soledar around Bakhmut, that becomes a symbol for what the Russians want to do. Now Bakhmut is not of strategic significant. However it is on a main high way that goes this way (from East to West) and if they used this highway that could have potential to move forward into Ukrainian controlled territory. They are going to in essence work around a stale mate.’


Certainly one of a number of things worth considering.