Turkey Give Surprise New Tank Support For Ukraine

Just when you least expect it things always turn for the good. God is good. Keep the belief even in these times of war for the planet.

Ukraine the good in the war. Putin’s Russia the evil. Now Ukraine have been given a surprise boost in arms for self-defense from Turkey:


Tank coalition includes the NATO names but more of a contribution planned by Spain then thought.

The real surprise however is Turkey’s inclusion in the coalition of tanks for Ukraine.

Great news for Ukraine and Turkey.

And Europe.

And Earth.

It would be great if Turkey and Sweden can resolve any issues and move forward together.

Maybe best for Sweden to condemn the hateful works recently that Turkey were rightfully insulted by.

All hate is wrong. All human beings deserve kindness and respect (only to those who deserve it and have earned it) – in appropriate deserved circumstances outside of self defense.

Love thy neighbor as thy self in appropriate context of times of war that the planet is in.

Turkey are part of the allies of NATO.

All must be singing off the same hymn sheet in the war.

Against Putin’s Russia.

More outside of Europe must join the sanction list on Putin and his Russia in 2023.