Revealing The Secret Couple That Both Work For Joe Biden Indicative Of The Route Of Washington Problems For America DOJ Must Be Strong

For too long there has been a corrupt culture in Washington that not only has caused the decline in America but of the planet.

Current US President Mr. Biden soon will prepare for a number of things he and his lawyers will not have expected. This couple are the people behind Mr. Biden – that no one knows about:

The exact same couple both working for Biden. For a long amount of time. Both have worked for for other administrations that Biden was in too as Vice President? We’ll leave you decide on Washington, Joseph Biden and the toxic Washington DC culture. It needs to be demolished and a new better one created from scratch by the next President.

The Department of Justice and Supreme Court must be strong for America and deal with all corruption swiftly shortly.

Taking into account all appropriate conflicts of interest under the Constitution.

Plan nothing.

Hit first.

More unexpected family home raids.

More office raids.


Handle them.

Hit first.

Talk later.