New International Legal Precedence Being Set In Russia War Times

Cyber crimes are now starting to be punished as brutally as any war crimes by Putin’s Russia invasion. Their war that caused global fallout.

Ukraine are now into a new legal international precedence in this regard per here on The Hill.

Essentially now looking at bringing Russian cyber crimes into the war crimes category.

It is quite right when you think about it.

If some of these cyber crimes are putting down hospital systems they are literally killing people.

Particularly during the last few years’ world situation too.

Same punishment on the battle field and courtroom must apply in today’s modern warfare times.

More resources and stricter punishments for the crimes.

Russia can’t win on the battlefield so target Ukrainian hospitals, homes, schools and so forth.

There could easily be over 1-2 million dead Russians in 2023 if they are sent to Ukraine.

At least.

Maybe more.