China’s President Hastily Changes Top Government Decision Makers Amid New Issues and Carnage He Never Saw Coming

The Chinese dragon got brutally put down after lashing out at free nations of the world following Putin’s Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Now China see challenges that they would not have seen coming for decades and are making huge changes in the Communist Party by their President:

Boom. It is the punches you don’t see coming that do the damage, Mr. Xi. That will set China’s CCP back for decades to come. Speed kills.

They will see much more of it too if they do not cut ties with Putin’s Russia.

They must support Ukraine in 2023.

Surely allies against tyrants will be putting North Korea next on the hit list.

In terms of once allies of Putin. They must cut ties with Putin as he cannot be helped by anyone in 2023.

Everything Putin touches as some suggested really is now turning to rubbish.

He has seen nothing yet however.

Best to take time with the likes of Putin and Mr. Xi.

Are you paying attention yet Mr. Xi?

China can still have a good future.

By cutting ties with Putin’s Russia now.

While you still can.

To save yourself and your nation’s future.

Ukraine must be supported.

Good always defeats evil.