NATO Finally Signal Ready To Have A Direct War With Putin

Finally the news has come from NATO.

If Mr. Putin’s Russia choose to leave Ukraine in 2023 fully and depart things will go back to a time of peace.

If they don’t however NATO have confirmed they are now ready to handle Putin’s Russia.

Directly with all maximum force required:

That was overdue.

About time.

Germany and NATO can be doing much more.

Moreover, more strength like this is required.

To make sure when Russia do fully lose in 2023 and depart from Ukraine – that they stay departed.

Then peace talks and only then can commence.

Putin is not willing to negotiate and only a fool would think he is.

NATO Ready To Liquidate Putin and Small Remaining Number Of Allies Globally

The Brutal End Of Vladimir Putin’s Russian Empire In 2023 Amen

There is a strategy and that is for Russia to depart Ukraine.

Everything is working well at the moment.

Furthermore, you think the Pentagon are going to tell morons like President Biden their strategy.

Or the press.

To give away everything they don’t need to.

Of course not.

As well, strategy and everything changes on a daily basis.

To fight dirtbags and lowlifes like Putin who have no rules.

To make him play by his own stupid rulebook.

Or lack thereof.

Ask Communist China how things are going over there after what they tried after Putin’s invasion.

Not very good.

That’s what.

Please don’t be naive Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump, respectfully, gents.

Moreover, new US institutions are already on the ground in Ukraine.

Created by the US for anti corruption oversight on all support for Ukraine:

This is a fight.

Ukraine will win.

Putin’s Russia will lose.

That’s just the way it has got to be.

For the maximum mitigation of carnage.

When Russia depart or new leader other than Putin.

In 2023.

Peace achieved and talks occur then.

Justice peace.

True peace.

End of.