Watch: How Close Europe Came To Becoming A Nazi Continent

How Close Europe Came To Becoming A Nazi Continent

Amid the biggest war in humanity of the 21st century in Europe caused by Putin’s Russia it is important to remember the last time this happened.

And had to be stopped:

Putin certainly is trying to be like Hitler but like him he will get put down for his trouble. Much quicker though.

Hitler killed a lot of people but his main thing was the Jewish people. God’s chosen people. That was his thing. He failed.

Amid the terrorist attacks by terrorist Palestinian groups yesterday in Israel both Israel and all world allies must defend Israel in the strongest possible terms available. To send a message to all terrorists.

That what Hitler did and Putin is trying to do Ukrainians in today’s times – will never succeed.

In today’s times – Germany must get tanks to Ukraine in the strongest quickest way possible.

And support Ukraine much stronger to secure Europe from Putin’s Russia.

As Ukraine ultimately join the new open free EU and Europe one day.

That will not include Putin’s Russia who are being isolated for the worst war of the 21st century.