The 35th President Of America John F. Kennedy Would Be Turning In His Grave At Joe Biden

The 35th President Of America John F. Kennedy Would Be Turning In His Grave At Joe Biden

During the war in Europe and regional engagements breaking out all over the planet now it is important to note current US President Mr. Joseph Biden is under serious investigations.

Some of which he will not have seen coming. The outcomes of which may lead impeachment in 2023.

Mr. Biden has clearly been engaging with criminal organizations in his time in politics if not always directly – indirectly.

The dealings with his Democrat’s Party taking donations from FTX is something that must be addressed in 2023.

By Mr. Biden personally if he wants to save himself.

The likes of JFK would be turning in his grave to see all the killings in America at the moment and what it has become under Biden.

The State Department and United States military are independent of Mr. Biden in these times.

He could not even guarantee to the latter the exact number of tanks to Ukraine recently.

Mr. Biden is a disgusting individual for this.

He must get those tanks to Europe as soon as possible and in promised numbers.

Thankfully many around the world are stepping up in numbers and speed of delivery.

Ukrainians could literally get terminated in all nations at the drop of a hat if some chose.

The big picture is tyrants and hate cannot win.

Mr. Biden must ensure that the most brutal strongest response to Palestinian terrorists for what they did yesterday is enacted on their terrorist regime only.

Same with Palestinians in Europe who stand for terrorist organizations and who have been killed here in Europe in recent days.

As for Europe it is clear.

Ukraine are the good in the fight and Putin’s Russia the evil.

Good and evil in times of war.

Right and wrong.

You are with God or against him.