Fighter Jets At Long Last Finally Close In On China More

Fighter Jets At Long Last FINALLY Close In On China

Strength is the only thing that deters bad guys. Then they run and leave their homes and don’t do bad stuff anymore. In any country. Same thing time and time again.

Finally this is happening:


If you run America you say this to China and Putin.

Negotiate peace deal now Putin or all taps for Russian oil turned off over night. Brutal consequence.

If you don’t like it go somewhere else. That’s the end of you and your country otherwise.

He leaves Ukraine then.

China next.

You say to the Xi guy or whatever his name is the President.

Look, you go near Taiwan we will bomb the crap of you.

Then drop some bombs on the heads of Putin too for good measure.

If you don’t cut ties with Putin and Russia and support Ukraine.

All this crap started with Putin and China talking smack at America now you see how things are going to get worse for you.

You lose and we win.

That’s how it will go.

That’s up to you though.

You can still win too but must not be tyrants.

That’s it.

You let them come to you.

There was none of this crap going on in the world until Biden’s weak administration let it happen.

Pentagon and special forces need to give the old bum Joe Biden a boot in the right direction. Stop letting his wife shield him and protect from reporters. He is meant to be a bloody President and needs to be able to speak with reporters. What is he doing otherwise? Really, this is not the time for someone like Joe Biden to be getting away with this rubbish.

In their shoddy Washington premises.

At least terrible Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are both getting what they deserve at the moment.

More heat needs to be put on both Pelosi and Schumer this year – and of course global corruption kingpin of rubbish – Joe Biden.

For their evil they have done to Americans for so long.

Don’t let them get away with it.

Strength and honor deters bad people in DC and overseas.

Don’t forget.

Too many dummies that want help.

They don’t deserve help anymore.

Hit first.

Talk later.

Talking is over rated and a huge waste of time.

Talking leads to no results or action.

Hitting things and people leads to results and they do stuff then.


Hit hit hit.

Then talk.

Then maybe hit again.

Then peace.