Zelensky Rightly Refers To Putin As A Nobody

Zelensky Rightly Refers To Putin As A Nobody

The Ukraine President did an interview a short time ago here:

At one point referring to Putin as a nobody.

He’s dead right too.

Who is this Putin guy anyway.

A failed KBG office worker.

And not much of one at that.

Everything gifted to him.

Hand picked clown.

Not impressed.

He’s achieved nothing in a 3 day special military operation.

In nearly a year of global mayhem that will kill more Russians than anyone worldwide.

Destroy his nation’s history and people and economy.

And ultimately he will lose.

That’s what he achieved.

He is a nobody.

Good against evil.

Peace only achieved by good defeating evil.

Hit him.

Putin will lose.

Badly too in 2023.

Very badly.

Likely Wagner Group will take him out or someone else will during the war.