Watch: Zelensky Learns Germany Will Support Ukraine With Tanks Against Russia

Watch: Zelensky Learns Germany Will Support Ukraine With Tanks Against Russia

The Ukraine President is easily one of the best world leaders in competence and bravery alone.

Many can learn from him during the war from Russia. This shows you how genuine he is:

Ukraine are lucky to have him. Ukrainians not just in Ukraine but Ukrainians in all nations would have been easily genocided and butchered otherwise. They’ll never know how close they truly came to oblivion. Ukraine will have their victory in 2023.

Unfortunately they have been suffering for it. Some pain never goes away in this life but in the next 50 years in this generation Jesus Christ will end it all and come back for all people and all nations. That will be the only time there will be no war then. Everything will be in perfect order in place. Not a single thing will be out of harmony or balance. Not a blade of grass out of balance.

Ukraine will conquer. Old school. Old fashioned. The bible doesn’t reveal everything for a purpose. You see at the end what that is. God doesn’t think like us and knows best. No staff on this Earth can say otherwise or will be fiercely disciplined again for their own good. Not as bad however than what enemies of God are getting at the moment. Including the false prophet from Argentina who resides in the Vatican – currently in Ukraine. No enemy of God will go without justice. Not one. They are all being brought to account at the moment in 2023. Rich and poor. No man born of his mother can stop what God wants. It is impossible. God’s will cannot be changed by choice free will doesn’t exist God knows what is going to happen trust him only fully.

Heaven and hell are very, very real places. No in-between. Many may not be ready to hear that but that’s the truth. Different rewards in heaven and different departments of hell (which was created not for people but fallen demons and Satan).

Heaven and hell are much more real than what you see around you now. What you see around you is an illusion in comparison to how real heaven and hell are. There was war before this world began. Heaven frequently touches this Earth but you don’t always understand how and why. Human interpretation is not possible to comprehend. He knows how and why. You see at the end.

When Jesus Christ returns in this generation he will end it all and only then real peace and unity will exist. Anything before that will just be manufactured and not to be given respect to in terms of genuine peace.

Ukraine will conquer the Russian invaders and Putin in 2023. Putin, his Russian invaders and Iranians assisting Putin must and will fall in 2023. To their eternal, forever and ever destruction in hell.

Besiyata Dishmaya

Genesis 1