Photos Show False Prophet Jesuit Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio Not Particularly Welcome In Ukraine As He Makes Mistake By Going There

False Prophet Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio Not Particularly Welcome In Ukraine As He Makes Mistake By Going There

Bingo. One of the best pieces of journalism worldwide has been done in Ukraine and no one is talking about it yet.

False prophet Pope Bergoglio of Argentina is on the ground in Ukraine now and the scowls and stern welcome clear from these photos (hat tip Ukrainska Pravda) – brilliant:

He needs to condemn Russian invaders while he is there or face issues for those with him travelling back to Italy shortly both at the airport and from security forces.

Questions and points for the Ukraine army and other international armies surrounding him in Ukraine at the moment:

  • Dismiss the man from Argentina for the moment. He’s not important. Here is what is during the war.
  • Let him know about it explicitly too how unimportant he is as an individual during his stay in Ukraine. Make sure he knows.
  • Go to the young Italian assistants he will have with him there.
  • Check what phone network they are using in Italy for communications devices between Ukraine and Italy.
  • What apps and with whom in Italy they are contacting at the moment regarding the Pope.
  • Ask them the following:
  • How do they know the people they are with.
  • Is this their first visit to Ukraine.
  • Who is their employer and where is there ID.
  • What is the purpose of their visit and how long is their intended stay.
  • With whom are Italian security with the Pope different from Vatican national IDs – make the distincton and if they have different passports – question them.

Catholics are good believers of Jesus Christ worldwide but the majority would tell you this current Pope from Argentina is no Pope.

If he is he will condemn Putin and Russia while on the ground in Ukraine.

Security forces need to screen travelling members with him in associated press – travelling with the Argentina native with their IDs, credentials and who paid for their travel and accommodation and if the Vatican did, why so and what is their relationship with them – as well as any foreign media currently on the territory of Ukraine but not limited to scope for questioning to Russian media affiliation specifically.

Just be sure. Don’t take any chances or leave any doors open in the war.

(Photo credit: Ukrainska Pravda)