Watch: Ukraine Holding Firm Against Russia

Ukraine Holding Firm Against Russia

Ukraine Holding Firm Against Russia

It is clear Ukraine holding firm against Russia in the biggest war of the 21st century is imperative.

To save as many lives as possible.

As the light in the fight against Russian invaders.

Ukraine are holding firm against Russian invader rubbish.

This going into it:

We are all sinners no one perfect nor better than anyone else but Ukraine are producing the fruits of the good in the fight. Jesus loves us all. God wants to redeem people.

Not easy for them but Ukraine are showing anything worth doing is not easy.

They are inspiring the change in this war and for the planet at large.

Alas, no one wants war really except for a small band of lunatics that make lots of noise and are of no significance.

Ukraine Holding Firm Against Russia

In this case President Putin and his Russian invaders.

That’s the reality of the situation.

It is not a very nice one and must be won by Ukraine.

For the good of the entire planet.

However, in times of war you must fight for the good and stand up for what is right.

Ukraine must do that and will win the blooming thing.

They are standing up for not only their nation.

Against tyranny on international grain/food prices.

Against using energy/gas/oil/fuel hikes.

All people are effected by due to Putin.

Against a purposeful refugee crisis caused by Putin.

Against hate.

For justice peace.

Hence, Ukraine have to and will win.

They are and will surely continue to hold firm against Russia.

Hence, for as long as it takes.

Support of the planet is with Ukraine.

In all parts of the world.

This trend will only increase in 2023.

Moreover, while President Putin will continue to get isolated among the nations.

That is a fact.

This is something that Ukraine must keep in mind at all times.

During the winter of the war.

Through all darkness comes light.

Finally, Ukrainian resilience has already shown that time and time again.

Proven beyond any reasonable doubt many times.