Maybe A Good Point On Trump and DeSantis

Maybe A Good Point On Trump and DeSantis

If Republicans and the USA are looking for a balance in strong but sensible governance in the future maybe this offers some insight:

Reportedly looking for a lane between the two’s type of governance.

Ultimately all people are unique. Science tells you that. In that even Siamese twins have unique DNA.

Whoever is the next President he needs to govern America with strength.

As America sold off its nation too easily over the years.

It must invest in its most important asset.

Its young people.

The people who founded the Constitution of America years ago were very smart people.

They were thinking ahead to these times today.

Young people in America can have a great future and joy by thinking more about America’s Jewish and follower of Jesus Christ origins and Genesis in the beginning.

Its not all about attending churches and so forth.

The church is all around you to inspire. Life people up. Unite in everyday lives. People are the church. Just regular everyday people. Not a physical building/place/institution.

If you open your eyes the world is your oyster.

The future ultimately one day is bright for America.

It really is.