Putin Is Losing The War In Ukraine In A New Way

Putin Is Losing The War In Ukraine

Vladimir Putin is losing the war in Ukraine.

Clearly by this.

By means which he surely would never have fathomed possible beforehand.

In what was meant to be a three day special military operation after all.

Putin’s false claim is now null and void.

A year will approach soon and he even conceded himself recently it is in fact a war.

Yet sometimes he tries to then change tone.

Back to the word of ‘special military operation’.

Picking and choosing frequently.

Exposing his falsehood.

Quite often.

What he didn’t bank on this week was the sheer coming together of alliances around the world including NATO.

The astonishing coming together of so many nations for Ukraine. Not only in Europe.

Putin Is Losing The War In Ukraine

It shows an increasing level of support globally.

East and West.

Militarily around the world for the Ukrainian people.

He never counted on Ukrainians being this resilient through the winter either.

They will continue to be for as long as it takes.

His grip on freeing Ukraine from Nazis as a narrative has been shattered.

From behavior like this from some Russian invaders.

This new map shows that Putin is resigned to literally sending defenseless Russian soldiers to the front lines in Ukraine.

Completely ill-prepared in 2023.

President Putin’s goals are all failing in Ukraine.

He is ending the Russian State in doing so.

While achieving nothing in Ukraine.