Klitschko Brothers Talk Important Sense On Ukraine

Klitschko Brothers

Some people don’t realize how important Ukraine’s success is.

For the future of this planet. Literally.

They will see though as time goes on. Guaranteed.

The following from former heavyweight boxing champions the Klitschko brothers very important to understand.

Klitschko Brothers

Speaking to Fox News Business they said:

The Russian army doesn’t have success on the battlefield that’s why last time they are starting genocide and terrorism (on ordinary Ukrainians).


If Ukraine fails the third world war is going to start (which is not going to happen he mentioned). It will be the repetition of the second world war with Nazi regime and Hitler. We are going to face another one.

Further saying:

Everybody is angry and ready to defend our hometowns and our home country.

It won’t be easy but Ukraine will be victorious. In boxing terms regarding the Klitschko’s – Ukraine will champions.

Before the end of 2023.

The entire future of civilization and humanity depends on it. Tanks are needed from the German Chancellor for Ukraine.

He will surely remember all the business the above two brothers brought to Germany.

Down through the years.

Selling out big stadium fights on RTL TV in Germany. The Klitschko brothers and people like Tom Loeffler did a lot for German sport and Germany.

Now Ukraine need Germany. Germany also need Ukraine though. They really do.

So does Europe and the free world. The civilized world.

Germany and America side by side shaking hands in good spirits yesterday in Germany.

Putting the past behind them and moving forward.

As allies.

Who would have thought that possible?

Not many. That’s bloody who. Impossible is nothing. We’ve seen it time and time again.

Germany and America standing now together. Against Russian invaders and President Putin. They are a spent force and will lose.

Ukraine are going to win in 2023.

Not just for themselves.

For the entire civilized planet in the East and West. A planet against dictatorships and tyrants.

A planet for the people.

Stick with the winners.

That’s Ukraine.