After Russia Lose Maybe Yevgeny Prigozhin Will Replace Putin

Yevgeny Prigozhin

We saw Mark Milley speaking to CNN recently.

Why don’t you bloody speak to Fox Business for a change Milley.

Or Fox.

For balance.

Him saying yesterday it will be difficult for Ukraine to ‘eject’ Russia.

Wrong again Milley.

Wrong attitude. Depressing. Disgusting. Un-American too.

He is on his own in that belief. His colleagues in the Pentagon need to have a serious chat.

Ukraine will win the fight. Believe it.

They already are. Russia are in disarray. So is President Putin.

What the Pentagon are concerned about really is what happens after that.

They are almost concerned of success and their own power and potential to do good in the world.

Earth is a fallen mess of a planet. The next 50 years are surely the same as Noah’s Ark’s days.

A dark depraved planet. Perfect peace will only come in 50 or so years when Jesus Christ returns. He will rule with an iron rod. All things will be in perfect balance, unity and prosperity for all then. Only then.

Until then a twisted sick world we live in.

That said there is still a lot (way more) more good people.

And light than darkness during the war.

Ukraine are the good. President Putin and his Russian invaders the evil.

Even a fool can see that by this stage.

After Ukraine militarily win the war for them and the free world this year maybe something can happen like this in Russia.

There will be no off ramp for them like Germany after WWII. They will need to fight it out in Moscow.

Yevgeny Prigozhin

Yevgeny Prigozhin

Maybe Yevgeny Prigozhin will come into the fold.

Putin’s former chef and head of the Wagner Group can maybe replace Putin.

Now he is reportedly having problems with President Putin.

To achieve that lucrative position in Russia he will need to bring the Wagner Group back to Russia.

After the Russian invaders on Putin’s side depart also.

Then he can divide up parts of Russia.

Chop it up.

That will have to pay reparations to Ukraine.

The Wagner Group have been designated war criminals.

So will Putin.

Basically they will all end up having to fight it out in Moscow.

As Putin is already putting defenses around near his home.

That’s where he is at.

All war criminals will ultimately be brought to justice.

The only question is maybe some areas of Russia will pay less to Ukraine for repairs.

That will be an internal issue.

For what remains of an isolated Russia among the nations.

Until and after they fully depart Ukraine.

Ukraine are priority.

Ukraine will win.

With respect get that idea into your bloody head Mark Milley.