Zelensky Urges Free World To Use Time Against Russia

Zelensky Urges Free World To Use Time Against Russia

A press conference in Germany at the moment saw the Ukraine President speak with the Pentagon and Germany over video conference.

He urged the free world now is the time to speed up in the fight for freedom against Russian evil in Ukraine and the planet:

We see the results on the battlefield in Ukraine. Thank you.

He added:

I am truly grateful for all the units you have provided. Time remains a Russian weapon. Time must become our counter weapon.

Adding the fight is for the planet to:

Defense of everything that makes our world free.

Noting on Russia furthermore:

Russia wants to destroy law and universal human values and Russian troops by their actions on the territory of Ukraine are trying to teach the world to hate. Russia is trying to convince that hatred can be stronger than the world.

Aptly stating:

We have to speed up. The Kremlin must lose.

Key takeaways all in all from the conference and things nations around the world must send are:

  • Armed vehicles, tanks and anti-air defense weapons being key.