Zelensky Speaks On Putin’s Mortality

Zelensky Speaks On Putin's Mortality

It has been shown that current Russian President Mr. Putin uses strange back drops, props, actors and so on and so forth in some of his speeches.

So much so that the Ukrainian President Zelensky does not know if Mr. Putin is alive:


Ultimately Mr. Putin caused the biggest war of the 21st century by invading Ukraine and its global fallout.

Transparently setting off global consequences around the world not seen since the second world war.

Ukraine will justly achieve peace and free their land but the ultimate peace and hope down the road for the planet can only come from God.

Only God can fully repair Earth and all humans. Since the fall of man in Genesis.

God – Jesus Christ – The King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords – is the only hope and trust in the end game for planet Earth and all of us mere mortals on it.