Serbia Lash Out At Russia

Serbia Lash Out At Russia

As the EU (except for Hungary) continue to close the net on Russian President Mr. Putin and his criminal invasion of Ukraine some of his private army have been calling Serbia.

The Wagner Group looking to recruit there has been met with Serbian uproar so far. The President of Serbia saying to the BBC ‘Crimea is Ukraine’ and the same with Donbas.

Turkey not long ago said the same of course. As the East gets closer to the West and Russia get isolated among the worldwide nations – more of this will happen.

The Ukraine President also promising this week they will reclaim Crimea which is a part of Ukraine.

There is no indifference to the evil Ukraine are enduring due to Mr. Putin and Russian invaders.

If Serbia want to join the EU they need to cut ties with Mr. Putin and assist Ukraine like everyone else (except for Hungary).

If Serbia sanctioned Russia and sent some tanks to Ukraine that would surely help their EU bid and aspirations with the European Parliament.

As Europe is moving on without Russian invaders and Mr. Putin.