New Russian Commander Infighting With Head Of Putin’s Private Army

New Russian Commander Infighting With Head Of Putin's Private Army

Once again in the war current Russian President Mr. Putin has been firing and appointing new generals and commanders in a turbulent time for him and Russia.

Many have said new Commander of Russian soldiers in Ukraine Valery Gerasimov has been given a poison chalice. Already reports are that he wants to neutralize the Wagner Group (Putin’s private army) Head of Command:

That has serious implications as up until now the Wagner Group has been essentially propping up Putin’s war on Ukrainian civilians.

It is in disarray now and when a new Russian mobilization comes of untrained troops in Ukraine – the level of carnage that awaits them in Ukraine is literally hell.

The infighting between Putin’s private army and State conscripts – both of whom have seen huge amounts quit – flee Russia – and change sides to Ukraine – is immense to say the least.