27-Year Davos Veteran and Putin Critic Rubbishes 2023 WEF

27-Year Davos Veteran and Putin Critic Rubbishes 2023 WEF

Well known Putin critic and human rights activist Bill Browder who is a long time Davos attendee has revealed the chaos of this year’s event to Sky News:

“I’ve been coming here for 27 years. For about 15 of those years I’ve been coming here as a human rights activist. An anti-Putin activist. Trying to point out the Russian government’s criminality. And trying to warn Western businesses about getting involved with Russia.”

He then said:

“This year ahs been a crazy year. Because last year the World Economic Forum said to me that if I want to come to Davos I have to pay $250,000. I’m a human rights activist and they wanted to charge me $250,000 to be a formal delegate in Davos. You can buy a small house in America for $250,000. I’m a human rights activist. They wanted to charge me that money to enter their conference.”

He concluded:

“It says that this is a total profit maximizing organization. Their motto ‘committed to improving the State of the World’ is complete nonsense.”

He later made a good point too on the seized $350 million already seized from the Russian State that is still just sitting there.

That needs to go to Ukraine immediately for repair work. As just the beginning of reparations for Ukraine.