Putin Ally Soon Faces Revolt In Belarus Army Says Svetlana Tikhanovskaya

Putin Ally Soon Faces Revolt In Belarus Army Says Svetlana Tikhanovskaya

As Putin and Russia collapse in the winter and 2023 – his ally in Belarus will be scrambling as well. He is only a self-appointed dictator in Belarus – Alexander Lukashenko – and not actually considered the leader – in reality.

The opposition to him and leader of the Democratic Party in Belarus President Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya said at Davos:

“The most of the population of Belarus are for Ukraine.”

She then said:

“Lukashenko is maybe the only ally to Putin. He has to be loyal. He provided our country as a launch pad for missiles. For training. And for Russian soldiers.”

Then going on to state clearly:

“I have to say our Belarusian army is not loyal to Lukashenko. They don’t want to die or be killed on Ukrainian battle fields for the ambitions of him. They don’t want our nations (Belarus and Ukraine) to become enemies. Lukashenko knows this. That’s why he is so insecure about sending Belarusian troops to Ukraine. Our soldiers even if they are sent could change sides and defect.”

She continued:

“The presence of Russians troops in Belarus, there is about 12,000 at the moment. (Only) for threatening Belarusian people. To control Belarusian people. To distract attention of Ukrainian troops form hotspots on the East to the Northern side. I know that Ukrainians are prepared for possible land attacks from the side of Belarus but our task is to prevent such invasions. We are working very thoroughly with our Belarusian army to explain what is going on as they might be misinformed about this.”

She concluded

“We want the world to divide Lukashenko’s regime and Belarusian people.”