Watch: Leaders Slam 2023 Davos World Economic Forum

Leaders Slam 2023 Davos World Economic Forum

The 2023 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland is underway during the war in Europe in Ukraine and already leaders from around the world are condemning the event.

One such example being highly popular US leader and politician Ron DeSantis:

German WEF organizer Klaus Schwab for the first time in decades this year is facing a litany of new issues with the once popular but not anymore event.

That he would surely have not seen coming.

As leaders in the business and government community worldwide continue to shun him and his event this year – he will see more of this in the years ahead surely:

Media are widely slamming the event so far, too, furthermore.

Politico also noting the balance shifting this year against the event with many not attending:

What is interesting about the event is how it used to focus on climate, renewable energy and carbon emissions.

Yet billionaires flying to Switzerland and parked there this year have created huge emissions and also in a time of war for Europe.

Where two thirds of all new wealth created during the war and pandemic confirmed recently to have gone to only the top one per cent of billionaires on the planet.

WEF will continue to see new issues as the week goes on.

You can’t compare and negotiate with types of evil.

For those saying Ukraine may get benefit from it by funds to help restore Ukraine after the evil Russian invasion of Ukraine, the invasion is just as bad, that is needed for the overall good – in the big picture – as Ukraine fight for more than just themselves.

They fight for civilized societies, freedom and any perceived democracy in this chaotic planet. God is with Ukraine and on their side.

Ukraine are the good in the war – Russian invaders and current Russian President Mr. Putin the evil.

If Putin had conquered Ukraine he would have went to other parts of Eastern Europe. He won’t though.

Then got crushed by NATO within days.

Which then would have started WWIII.

Ukraine’s peace and victory creates a little more peace in the world – than that WWIII scenario. That alternative would have been far worse.

Peace in Ukraine stops WWIII and a creates a little bit more peace in an already chaotic planet in the long-run. WWIII would have been the end of the planet. It won’t happen. Amen.

God first, country second.