China Agenda Revealed At 2023 World Economic Forum

China Agenda Exposed At 2023 World Economic Forum

Tuning in live a short time ago to the World Economic Forum in Davos for the 2023 edition in Switzerland and something is very clear.

China’s control and influence of it.

First, the Chinese gent representing the Chinese CCP mentioned China want to be a carbon neutral nation yet are the highest carbon emissions in the world.

Green development mentioned a lot. Same agenda as WEF. You will own nothing and be happy.

And claim they want to reduce but are currently increasing it by construction of massive amounts of infrastructure, trains and more at the moment.

It is clear that they want to move to a one world government some day. In all their lingo and how they speak.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum China mentioned a short time ago:

“We need to strike a good balance between inflation and growth. To tame inflation some countries have chosen the policy that will likely result in a high recession recovery. It is important to note that inflation this time around is driven by multiple factors so it is complicated.”

He added:

“We also stand ready to work with all countries to address the debt issues of some developing countries.”

The coercing financially of poor countries by China once again clear.

He went on to say:

“The Covid-19 Pandemic has revealed to us a possible connection between public health and climate crisis. This is a commitment where international cooperation is needed.”

He later enthused:

“How to strengthen cooperation in a fragmented world is a problem we all face. We must face it squarely.”


“We must firmly work together for world peace.”

Okay? Right?

Yet China straight after the Russian invasion of Ukraine decided to start attacking countries and threatening them in the media.

Like Taiwan and America.

Now Japan.

He mentioned China aim to cut 80 per cent of emissions yet they are the biggest carbon emitter in the world.

China’s agenda and the World Economic Forum’s agenda are virtually the same. Are you paying attention yet?

China must cut ties with President Putin of Russia and his terrorists to be welcomed back by the East and West.

As well as directly support Ukraine.

This all started when Russia invaded Ukraine.

Check the dates.

China planned this.

Chinese media aggression and threats to other countries started then.

Before that the pandemic which started in China.

The most vaccinated country in the world and most masked.

Yet they have the worst outbreak of a virus that has killed millions and many at the moment.

And then they had the nerve to say above a short time ago:

“We are shifting or focus from zero Covid (policy)to the prioritization of severe cases.”