Zelenskyy On What Ukrainians Want

Zelenskyy On What Ukrainians Want

The Ukrainian people find themselves in the midst of the worst war of the 21st century.

Through no fault of their own.

Their President while speaking with TVP gave the West and East an informed, logical take on what they want, some history lessons and why Ukraine fight for the entire planet.

Zelenskyy on what Ukrainians want:

“The collapse of the Soviet Union continues to spark different reactions. All the people who are our age back in the Soviet Days, many of them miss those times, and have fond memory of them. But even these people who see what Russia has done to us say we want independence. We want our enemies to leave us alone. We want nothing to do with them. We just want to live in our own country. Nobody is asking for any territories back. No one wants that.”

He went on to say:

“In 1991 Ukraine became an independent State abiding by the Constitution and the United Nations Charter. In agreement with all the other States that recognized independent Ukraine and the Republics that made up the Soviet Union. We all want to continue living this way. In harmony and in mutual respect. We all want to live in harmony and mutual respect. That simple. We want to live happily and in peace. That is what all of us want. Except for the Russian Federation.”

He added:

“For reasons still unclear it has committed itself to destroying this order. In its view Russia is reclaiming something. But the fact is that these Republics simply regained what was taken from them years before. And now Russia wants pride from them again. You can reclaim only what once was yours. If it someone else’s then you are stealing. That’s not going to happen. The time for that is long past. Entire generations have been born in the meantime. Some people can no longer remember whether the Soviet Union brought anything good with it but they do remember the prisons, the State murders, the dissidents, the control and the terror. What is all of this for? People want to live free. This is why they fight.”