Zelenskyy On Putin Ally Plans and Crushing Promise

Zelenskyy On Putin Ally

Zelenskyy On Putin Ally

The current Russian invasion of Ukraine has had considerable impact outside of just Ukraine, but more so worldwide.

One of current Russian President Putin’s few remaining allies – the self appointed leader of Belarus – has some decisions to make in 2023 regarding the fate of him and his nation.

Speaking to TVP World Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy discussed Belarus:

“I believe one of Russia’s main goals is to draw Belarus into a full scale war on Ukrainian soil. I believe it is Belarus’ duty to prevent that from happening. That’s not our duty, it is their duty to protect their country. That’s my opinion.”

He added:

“The choice Belarus makes will effect where on the map they will appear on in the future. Joining the war would be a major strategic and historic mistake. Russia has already made the mistake and now they are suffering the consequences. They can forget about ever having a good relationship with us. If they don’t want to live alongside us, that’s their choice. They started this war that caused so much human suffering. That’s a separate issue. Our peace plan lays out our vision of the future.”

Concluding, Zelenskyy on Putin ally in Belarus:

“As for Belarus, I think they need to avoid going down the same path as the Russian Federation and avoid becoming a pariah State. The ball is in their court. Either way, we are neighbors. Whatever happens Belarus will have an impact on the geopolitics of the region. Belarus is our neighbor. It’s neighbors with Poland. So, that’s very important to us and to Poland. And Belarus’ decision will effect security in our region, and, the security of Europe as a whole.”