Watch: World Economic Forum Welcome Desk At Zurich Airport

World Economic Forum Welcome

The apex of all evil and that is wrong with planet Earth, the poisonous, insidious World Economic Forum, which essentially advocates for a new world order, and one world government one day, convenes tomorrow in Switzerland.

There is intense focus on what will take place there.

Certainly, huge focus on German founder Klaus Schwab specifically and anything or anyone tied to him – who has organized the following at Zurich airport:

World Economic Forum Welcome

Many have suggested that elites and Schwab have been using the war, and new wars in different regions, and the pandemic – as part of something bigger through this forum.


To maybe one day control societies of the world.

They don’t hide their agenda anymore of the Great Reset.

So it is not a conspiracy theory.

It is true.

Just check their site and next week in Switzerland.

It is a gathering that has drawn more and more criticism from all nations in recent years.