Watch: Escalating 2023 Russian State Sponsored Terrorism

Russian State Sponsored Terrorism

The free world should be ashamed of itself for not helping Ukraine sooner. In particular Germany.

The carnage not only in their nation but the global impact it will have on your country, no matter where you live, worldwide, will have profound lasting impacts on this planet due to the Russian invaders and current President Mr. Putin.

Germany have blood their hands for not getting tanks to Ukraine faster:

More of the sickening, escalating scenes here:

All could have been easily prevented by slow acting nations who are only now being stronger in support, including NATO:

This will effect the US, Europe and Middle East more too. Don’t think it won’t. It will.

The sooner Ukraine repel the Russian invaders and free their nation and win the war – that will be the only way to resolve it.

The reality is Russia are in turmoil, are in desperation and will be isolated among all the nations after this.

Due to the biggest event they caused for the planet of the 21st century so far. By far.

Maybe something to think about for Germans:

The refugee crisis, economic, climate and cost of living impacts all the above have will only increase due to Russia and current President Mr. Putin.

The longer Ukraine don’t have the resources and weapons to defend themselves, repel the invaders and achieve military victory.

Which they will before the end of 2023.

It is inevitable.