Watch: China Finally Reveal Pandemic Death Numbers

China Finally Reveal Pandemic

It is interesting that the genesis of the deadly Covid virus that has killed millions around the world in recent years but yet its origin still not talked about. Following the lab outbreak in Wuhan, China in the beginning.

Not only that, since then Chinese nationals are spreading the virus all around the globe and now China have decided to finally, at last, share with the WHO (World Health Organization) and the free world their monthly death numbers and what is really going on at the moment:

Keep in mind that is from the nation with the highest vaccination and mask rates in the world, too. The numbers could be higher than the above monthly too but you’ll have to take them at face value on that.

China during the Russia invasion of Ukraine sought to control the flow of information out of their nation but now the East (not only Japan but many – much in fact – in the East) and West see what China were – and still are – up to all along.