Russian Speakers In Ukraine Theory By Kremlin Debunked

russian speakers in Ukraine

As the Russian State, invaders and current President Mr. Putin face into isolation before the end of 2023, natural disaster coming to Moscow and Russia, and serve consequences for terrorism against Ukraine and all nations of the Earth, one theory they purport has now being debunked.

Russian speakers in Ukraine – and how they use the concept.

This clarified by Ukraine early on – but now even the the Institute for the Study of War as an unbiased, objective, independent third party international institution saying:

The Russian State assets taken from the war must be transferred to Ukraine as soon as possible.

To fund the rebuilding of Ukraine by the invaders during the actual invasion – as Ukraine’s support in the East and West will only get stronger.

If China know what is good for them in 2023, they will cut ties with the Russian invaders, too, moreover.

And assist directly to Ukraine like the ninety per cent of everyone else in the East and West.

Everyone is in it together against Russian terrorism against Ukraine and the destabilization of the planet it caused. Ukraine fight for freedom, democracy and against tyranny and dictatorships.

In the coming together of the East and West.

Russia attacked not only Ukraine but all nations of the Earth.

With the modern warfare nature of this conflict against all the nations.

The UN must be strong and get rid of Russia from the Security Council.