China Spreading Communism In Vietnam

China Spreading Communism In Vietnam

Many will remember the Vietnam war in war history which America were very wrong about, of course. Boxer Muhammad Ali was proven right as usual for not enlisting in it. Today’s war time very different to then. In an entire world at war at the moment almost due to the Russian State.

That said, Vietnam would do well to remember that it took capitalists’ philanthropy and one man in particular, Chuck Feeney, to rebuild Vietnam after their biggest war, and rebuild their hospitals, when they see China spreading Communism there at the moment:

Now, you see the above and at the same time you see China claim what they are doing is ‘socialism’. In one breadth they say one thing and in the other they say another.

Come on. Do us a favor. It is clear as day what they are doing.

Vietnam would do well to smarten up.

Communism has killed more people than any idea in the history of this planet.