Watch: Ukraine Deny Russia Captured Soledar

Ukraine Deny Russia Captured Soledar

As the fierce fighting in Ukraine continues from Russian invaders some conflicting reports are emerging as regards Soledar.

While Russia claim they have captured it not the case says Ukraine:

At the end of the day what the Russian invaders say, they are not going to be victorious in Ukraine.

Guaranteed. More tanks are needed and Europe should move on without Germany the longer the Germans cause problems for everyone else without tanks for Ukraine.

Russia are doing so badly that they targeted a tiny town of 10,000 people like Soledar which means nothing in the grand scheme of things of territory in the war, as even if Russia won there, Ukraine can take it back at anytime in the future – as they are winning the war overall.

Russian invaders will only see more and more failures in Ukraine as time goes on.