German Defense Minister Quits As Germany Condemned By Europe For Being The Only Big Country Not Helping Ukraine

German Defense Minister Quits

Germany and Germans who were very fortunate to be reintegrated into world society after WWII and had it not been the case, Germans and the German race could have easily being terminated from the world after WWII or left to rot.

Now, years later in the biggest war of the 21st century for the planet, which Germany helped create by funding of Mr. Putin and Russia for years, sees Germany being the only big country not sending many tanks and more military support to Ukraine.

Russia won’t have the same off ramp Germany had and they and Mr. Putin will be isolated after defeat to Ukraine in 2023.

Chaotic Germany is all over the place and their Defense Minister has in fact now quit:

The German problem continues for Europe and Ukraine.

The EU and NATO must be stronger with these Germans or like the defeated Russia in Ukraine in 2023, let the Germans and Russian invaders both be isolated in the world.

It is getting to the stage where Germany almost look like supporters of Russia at this point. What a joke.