Bitcoin and Crypto Make Early 2023 Comeback During Russia Invasion Of Ukraine

Bitcoin Makes Early 2023 Comeback During Russia Invasion Of Ukraine

Crypto and bitcoin have been investigated for their links to Russia thought the invasion of Ukraine so far but many nefarious illegal actors using the products have now already being brought to justice.

So much so, Bitcoin has made an early 2023 rally:

Moreover, FTX is now being brought to justice worldwide during its links to the Biden administration for donations to the Democrat Party.

Crypto is not done by a long shot, likely its comeback will be bigger than anything ever seen, as the US talks digital dollar and the Britain talk digital pound and the EU talks digital euro.

With the US hitting the debt ceiling later this year, it is possible the dollar will fail and thus, the US would then fail if the dollar goes and the debt ceiling cannot be managed by the US Treasury.

Opening the floodgates for digital currencies once more state and deregulated, to an all together new level at some point in 2023 maybe.