US Marine Unit In Japan React To China Concerns

US Marine Unit In Japan React To China

Belligerent China is facing deteriorating relations worldwide at the moment.

As their citizens try to travel and spread the deadly Covid virus.

That started in their country.

Which Chinese nationals are spreading during the winter to more countries around the world.

Japan and South Korea in Asia have demoted relations recently with China in the East.

The Indian army has also had skirmishes on the border with the Chinese State in recent times.

As well as issues for China with Australia such as:

All this has also lead to the US marine unit reacting in Japan by bolstering it.

Giving them capability with more anti-ship missiles.

For deterrence and to defend Japan in the years to come.

As the Chinese smart phone industry continues to see declines in 2023 along with some major Chinese tech companies like TikTok being banned in India, America and many other large nations in the world, the above in Japan interesting for China’s Communist Party.

The Chinese Communist Party also referred to as the ‘The Party Of Public Assets’.

Frequently their ethos in forming their policy.

Further to Chinese aggression, interesting on the above military too regarding troop numbers for the US in Japan.

In that they will be able to defend Japan much more now in the years ahead.

While the numbers will not change – their capability and lethality will increase.

What is not always noted, but is starting to be noticed more now, is the fresh issues in the East (not just with Europe or America anymore) that the unpopular Chinese President Mr. Xi faces.

This interview gives an knowledgeable Chinese-specific insight from Gordon Chang – into just how dangerous the Chinese State is for the entire planet:

He knows his stuff. Probably more than anyone on China. The above is seriously valuable insight.

Moreover, furthermore, this is spot on:

America can play a part in the future in dealing with such a dangerous State as China and more specifically – the Chinese Communist Party.

While current President of the United States Mr. Biden is dealing with an avalanche of fresh investigations from all angles and trouble in 2023, with now even a second set of classified documents found during his time as Vice President – he is separate from the America as a country.

America can still deal with the growing China issue through capable people in 2023.

Such as honorable Secretary of State Mr. Blinken – who is a democrat – it is not always about Republicans v Democrats.

He is one of the best, most professional and cordial Statesmen of the 21st century.

Someone we can all learn a lot from down the road.

In terms of improving communications between the nations in the future:

Taiwan in Asia and many Asian nations are forming an alliance against the aggressive Chinese Communist Party to defend themselves with deterrence.

China must never be allowed to invade small neighbor Taiwan: