Everyone Sending Tanks To Ukraine Except 1 Country

Everyone Sending Tanks To Ukraine Except 1 Country

Tanks are clearly the most pressing peace need for Ukraine and the world at the moment for Ukraine to defend themselves and repel Russian invaders.

Not Germany yet though:

Germany have more of a responsibility than anyone in Europe for the crisis in Europe.

Due to the previous administration creating Russian President Mr. Putin in the first place.

By giving him the resources to build this war for so many years.

With previous oil and gas arrangements between Germany and Russia for so many years.

It appears there has been big moves by Britain, Poland and many others this week already on the tank front though:

Germany commenting on tanks this week saying:


However, Germany are also being reported to be ready to head up NATO more in Europe:


If that’s the case, both NATO and Germany need to get together now for tanks to Ukraine.

To start the working relationship efficiently.