Billionaire Russian Banker Who Reportedly Gave Up Russian Citizenship During Invasion Of Ukraine

Billionaire Russian Banker Who Reportedly Gave Up Russian Citizenship During Invasion Of Ukraine

Someone many behind the scenes have been keeping tabs on during the Russian invasion of Ukraine is of course the Russian billionaire banker of digital bank Revolut Nikolay Storonsky.

Not many may have heard of him though.

Revolut, while it seemed a great idea in the beginning, has been hit with fines already at the start of 2023 and the customer service on the trial/test platform as far as digital banks go, is reportedly very poor.

It seems the competition in the digital banking space is only growing.

As for Storonsky, based in Britain, it went under the radar quite a bit during the sanctions that the billionaire gave up his Russian citizenship in recent months.

It might be an early move for him to avoid sanctions or being investigated in 2023.

Of course he could perfectly have nothing connected to Mr. Putin’s Russian regime too, and hopefully if this is the case he will continue to try to distance himself from Russia during their ongoing attempted genocide of Ukraine and destabilization of the planet – as much as possible.

Wikipedia (take them with a pinch of salt – not always a great source anymore due to their revelation of George Soros funding) claims he was born into a family of a Gazprom manager.

If that is the case, why that is relevant, is Gazprom have been a pivotal company during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Some of who’s employees recently were reportedly banned from leaving Russia.

The company are reportedly in turmoil due to their ties with Russia and Putin – and rightly so.

If Storonsky can show in 2023 he has nothing to do with that Gazprom company – or anything any longer with Mr. Putin’s Russia – and solves all the new issues facing his Revolut – nothing but the best to him and continued success.

One thing is for sure, Current President Mr. Putin of Russia will see Russia this year lose more citizens from the country undoubtably and the Russian State isolated internationally for their worst war of the 21st century.