Putin Demotes General Who Was Meant To Win The War

Putin Demotes General Who Was Meant To Win The War

It is interesting that not long ago current President of Russia Mr. Putin brought in a new high ranking general who was going to win him his war on civilians in Ukraine.

Now, not long after appointment, Sergei Surovikin has formally been demoted from Commander of the Russian Armed Forces:


That didn’t last very long, that stint.

It shows transparently the web of lies that not only Mr. Putin and his associates around him spread, but, moreover, the sheer descension in the ranks within Russia internally now.

In what was, after all, mean to be a three-day war which in reality has turned into nearly one year soon.

And caused global mayhem with gas and energy prices, grain flow disruption to poorer countries, encouraged larger nations to become aggressive to smaller neighbors and sent mass waves of migration of Ukrainian refugees across the world.

Moreover, as well as creating the need now for production in more traditional energies directly due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.