490 Russian Soldiers Liquidated On Jan 10 2023 and 10 Russian Tanks

490 Russian Soldiers Liquidated On Jan 10 2023 and 10 Russian Tanks

Ukraine are proving they have the ability and determination in trench warfare when things get difficult.

As more tanks come soon for them they must be dangerous, powerful and move forward to defend civilized society around the world – this the latest official numbers from this morning:


Please note that site’s numbers are extremely accurate in that they are modest and likely always the real numbers are higher.

Ukraine’s mentality in these dark times is showing to be quiet good. Whether going without food for a few days or a week surviving on water, or when they have had no electricity, they are the good of the Earth in this fight. Yes, they are a bloody good people these Ukrainians.

Sometimes the mind plays tricks in these dark times particularly those in the war going without food for a long time or electricity and energy always going off for Ukraine.

They must conquer for Earth. For the good of humanity.

Peace will come when Ukraine repel the invaders.

The EU and NATO joining forces for Ukraine and China distancing themselves this week from current Russian President Mr. Putin – are both huge wins for Ukraine genuinely this week.

It is in fact the key turn in momentum in this war and peace will come a bit more once the invaders return to their nation of Russia and Ukraine defend their nation fully in 2023.