Watch: Turkmenistan and China

Turkmenistan and China

During the context of the war in Europe due to Russia but new wars and conflicts happening in nations globally, and China’s influence, this on their nation Turkmenistan quite relevant maybe:

It is the smaller places in the world where China maybe is really trying to build.

Their CCP tyrant regime must not be allowed to send Chinese nationals worldwide during the winter and in 2023 to spread the China originated Covid virus.

Which has killed millions around the globe.

Furthermore, China with their failed Covid policy of being the most vaccinated nation in the world, with highest mask rate, have scientifically being proven to have not worked now:

Some estimates say 90 per cent of all of China are infected with Covid:

And, on top of that, trying to travel internationally in the winter in 2023 to spread it all around the globe.

That will never be respected or tolerated.

For the good of all the nations.